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 Our Services_ 

​We have provided construction inspection support on virtually every type of project.  The following is a list of project types our employees have been assigned to:

  • Roadway – new construction and rehabilitation on all class of roads including interstate, state routes, and Class 1


  • Bridges – new bridge construction and rehabilitation including: concrete slabs,  curve girders, pre-fabricated, pre–cast, historic covered bridges, steel truss, pedestrian, temporary, railroad, and one floating bridge.  Several bridges have been part of the Accelerated Bridge Construction program (ABC)


  • Retaining walls, slope stabilization, and scaling back ledge


  • Safety – including statewide signing, marking, and other
    safety enhancing features


  • Airport – including runway rehabilitation and airport
    expansion (we have extensive experience with FAA


  • Emergency response and recovery


  • Railroad – including replacement and rehabilitation of existing lines and crossings (we have extensive experience with FRA regulations)

  • Bike and pedestrian paths


  • Utilities – including water, sewer, power, and fiber optics


  • Crack filling


  • Buildings – including demolition to new construction

  • Signals – including vehicular, pedestrian, and railroad

  • Pipelining and pipe jacking

  • Park and rides – including new construction and rehabilitation


Our employees have provided assistance in other areas including:  

~ Finals Unit

~ Production of Guidance Documents and Manuals – We have provided support on the revisions to several documents and manuals including the Construction Manual.

~ Quality Assurance Services for Design–Build Projects  


~ Media/Public Outreach Expertise

We are very comfortable and confident in providing support in these additional areas and look forward to assisting your organization as the scope of work expands to meet the ever changing demands from the public and regulatory agencies.  

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